Casaloldo MANTOVA MN Lombardia Italy



We are able to carry out every type of sheet metal processing, turning and milling.

The components we make can be completed or delivered with zinc coating, painting, anodizing tempering, nickel plating, chrome plating treatments or with linishing and polishing processes.


Our production is directed at different business sectors and is able to offer a finished product.
The sectors where we are mainly present are:

  • osmosis water purification systems
  • car and motorbike lifters
  • bottling and wine bottling machines
  • hosiery/underwear knitting machines
  • door and window frames
  • vending machines
  • ovens for the food sector
  • boilers
  • building components
  • gadgets
  • agricultural machinery
  • naval sector
  • furnishings
  • discotheque and theatre lighting

trumpf   punchers   cnc benders
cnc turners   pipe processing   welding



Quality control is carried out on the raw material coming into the plant as well as the finished product leaving the plant.

  quality control NOVA TEK   quality control department NOVA TEK



As regards the movement of the goods, the warehouse is efficient as it has fork-lift trucks with different load bearing capacities and the use of hand pallet trucks; the goods are delivered in all of Italy with our own vehicles or with carriers or couriers.


Finished products are packed in boxes, pallets or baskets in order to protect the products and make them shockproof.


packaging department NOVA TEK